Wednesday, 27 February 2013

How to Write a Dissertation without Feeling Stressful?

While writing a dissertation may seem impossible to some, implementing some useful tips can make it a less worrying job whether it is a scientific paper or an MBA dissertation.
Here are tips that will help you complete a dissertation with ease and comfort:
•    Firstly, you have to choose a good topic before writing a dissertation. Once you choose a good topic, the rest will follow. But whatever you choose, it must be something that you find fascinating and that reflect something significant about a field of study. At the same time, it must be realistic and interesting while contributing something new and original to an area of subject.
•    Secondly, you have to narrow down your chosen subject area into a specific topic. For example, if you want to explore World War II, you can focus your research on Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, Battle of Stalingrad or America’s atomic bombings on Japan. Narrowing your subject into a specific theme will help you determine the ideas you want to focus your research on.
•    Because writing a dissertation involves long hours of researching and writing sessions, it is therefore important to organize this ‘big’ project into a manageable task. Set specific time-frames for different tasks and schedule them in such a way that you could complete your dissertation while focusing on each task. Set specific time limit for each task such as outlining, researching, writing, editing etc and streamline them as you progress with your project.
•    Always keep in touch with your advisor throughout your dissertation writing process. Consult with them on tricky matters such as researching, writing and referencing etc. Your mentor is responsible to guide you at every step of writing your dissertation, so make the most from him.
•    After you have completed your research and analysis, you must find a location where you can write your dissertation in a focus way, a place where you can setup your workplace and put all your energies and efforts on the dissertation without being interrupted by any noise or commotion.
•    A good way of writing a dissertation is to divide this big task into smaller parts. Writing a fifty-page dissertation might seem like a difficult task but breaking it down into different part will make the job easier for you. In this way you will not only able to focus on each part but will also finish your paper on-time.
Important Tips!
•    After you have finished the dissertation task, step back from it for a while. Get back to it after sometime and check it for errors. Doing this will help you find mistakes more easily and make it more accurate and proper.
•    It is always helpful to get opinion of others in the course of your work. Getting external viewpoint help get a hint of something important.


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